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Story 1 – Perfect Peace

In the beginning was God. God is a spiritual being and is not bound by space or time. In this sense

Story 1 – Perfect Peace2019-05-23T16:16:41-04:00

Story 2: The Rise Of Self

God placed the man and woman in the beautiful garden, Eden. They enjoyed harmony with each other and with God and

Story 2: The Rise Of Self2019-05-23T16:31:03-04:00

Story 4: A Merciful New Start

Seth’s family and Cain’s family lived very different lives. Seth’s offspring were raised to have a heart toward God, like Abel,

Story 4: A Merciful New Start2020-12-26T12:17:28-05:00

Story 5: A Family for God

After the flood had receded, God instructed Noah and his family to go and fill the earth. Nonetheless, six generations passed

Story 5: A Family for God2019-05-23T16:40:29-04:00

Story 6: A Family Preserved

Favoritism Creates Enemies As the twin boys grew, Esau became Isaac’s dream son – strong, courageous and even hairy – greatly

Story 6: A Family Preserved2020-12-26T15:57:27-05:00

Story 7: A Nation for God

Long before Jacob came with his family to Egypt, he met God in a time of desperate prayer, during which, God

Story 7: A Nation for God2019-07-13T12:42:57-04:00

Story 7A – The gods of Egypt

These are some of the major gods the Egyptians revered and all the signs Yahweh brought against them. Hapi was a

Story 7A – The gods of Egypt2019-07-13T12:47:43-04:00

Story 8: A New Betrayal

At midnight, YHWH struck down all the firstborn of Egypt. No Egyptian household escaped the plague. From the poorest of servants

Story 8: A New Betrayal2019-07-13T12:51:25-04:00