These are some of the major gods the Egyptians revered and all the signs Yahweh brought against them.

Hapi was a twin deity, the spirit of the upper and lower Nile.. YHWH brought a plague that turned all the Nile and all other water sources in Egypt to blood. Even water in stored in pots turned to blood. Everything in the river died and rotted along the banks. The blood remained for seven days and the people turned their backs on the Nile and started digging new wells to try to find water.

Heqet was the frog-headed goddess of fertility. YHWH unleashed hoards of frogs on Egypt. The frogs descended on all of Egypt even filling their houses, right up to the Pharaoh’s own bedroom.

GEB was said to be the god that ruled the dust of the ground. YHWH told Moses to have Aaron touch the dust of the ground with his staff. The dust turned into burrowing gnats that dug into the skin of all the humans and animals throughout Egypt. Pharaoh’s own magicians said, “This is the very finger of God.”

HEPRI was a god made to look like a beetle. YHWH said to Moses, “Tell Pharaoh to let my people go or I will send swarms of beetles to feast on dung and contaminate every place in Egypt. They will fill every building and every home in Egypt but they will not go where my people live in Goshen.”

PTAH was said to be the god of livestock. In order to worship him, the Egyptian priests historically selected the finest bull in Egypt. This selected bull became the physical representation of PTAH to the people. After the selection of the finest bull, the Egyptians began to worship it as PTAH, but YHWH came against PTAH and he died. The priests rushed to select another bull, but one by one all their prize bulls died. Within two days, all of Egypt’s livestock was dead. Pharaoh went to Goshen and he saw that none of the livestock of the Hebrews had died. He was amazed.

IMHOTEP was actually at one time human. He was a respected and beloved Egyptian physician. After his death, he was idolized and the Egyptians prayed to him as the god of physical wellbeing. Moses went into the presence of Pharaoh claiming only Yahweh was able to bring healing. He then threw ash into the air. YHWH multiplied the ash rapidly and it spread airborne throughout Egypt. Anyone touched by the ash broke out in painful boils. Even the Pharaohs own healers became afflicted with the boils and they begged Pharaoh to release the Hebrews.

NUT was the god of the sky and ISIS and SETH were said to guard the crops. YHWH brought the largest and fiercest hail and lightning storm ever seen in Egypt. The hail destroyed most of the flax and barley harvest and killed any human or animal that remained in the fields. This all occurred under the watchful eyes of Isis and Seth, but they did nothing to save the crops. But in the land of Goshen there was no hail.

To make sure none of Egypt’s many harvest gods were left unscathed, YHWH sent another plague. Locusts came and covered all of the land. Anything the hail left behind the locusts consumed.

AMON-RA, the sun god, was considered the greatest helper and blessing to the Egyptian way of life. In fact, to Egyptians great and small, he was the very creator of life. YHWH took great issue with this and so for 72 long hours in all of Egypt there was continuous, utter darkness. But in Goshen the sun, the moon and stars all shined as usual.

PHARAOH – About midnight God will pass through Egypt. Every firstborn son in Egypt will die – rich and poor alike – from the lowest servant’s son all the way up to the very son of Pharaoh will die. And the Egyptians will weep loudly – but the Israelites will not be touched by death.