Microchurch leaders are confirmed in their work not appointed to it.

A potential microchurch leader is living like a missionary – serving, involved in daily ministry and sharing Jesus. During the course of life, an opportunity presents itself, a specific, dark place, a people-group among whom there is little or no gospel presence. The potential leader is compelled to share this burden with like-minded friends, and together, they commit to pursue God regarding a new, creative expression of church that they will specifically design to meet those trapped in this dark place.

Such a burden may be from God and so we would encourage that person to pursue it to where it leads. If the idea does not gain traction, it’s not a failure. All mission is an opportunity to be faithful to Jesus and always a learning experience. If the idea bears fruit, we encourage the missionaries to incorporate dependent worship and dedicated community, it is the church.

In most cases, a confirmed microchurch leaders will be a volunteer, not paid staff. They will fund their service through their 9-5 job, or some form of third party giving or a combination.

These are the primary ministers, the pastors and staff of Redeeming Mercy. They are the critical center of the ministry and mission of Redeeming Mercy.